Foreseeti – an AWS Select Partner

Foreseeti is now an AWS Select Partner: another strong recognition of our new product securiCAD VANGUARD for AWS! (Available in free trial here:)

securiCAD VANGUARD is a truly novel solution. A cloud native SaaS service that enables you to automatically simulate attacks on a virtual model of your AWS environment. With a few clicks you can find and prioritize weak links from an attacker perspective, without interfering with your environment. You can seamlessly include it in your DevSecOps way of working by running automated simulations directly after each deploy. Making security assessments truly practical!

Here are some selected quotes on securiCAD VANGUARD from this great article;

“Automated threat modeling understands the connections, which is a big difference,” says Mark Strande CSO at Klarna. “When we run our simulations on the models, we find out which deficiencies are most significant. We’re able to identify exactly which systems are most vulnerable, which application on which machine we should prioritize patching first to keep the systems as secure as possible.” …. “…it’s like light years away from working with manual modeling. Sometimes, we release updates to the systems several times a day, which means that the map is constantly changing. Because everything is coded in the cloud, such as information about architecture, applications, configurations, IAM Policy and much more, we can establish a very detailed and up-to-date model for the simulation.”

“We think it is great that third parties come up with this type of risk analysis tool. It is easy for customers to see their resources with AWS, and our APIs enable customers to quickly and easily obtain the information they need to develop their threat models.“ says Johan Broman, AWS Nordics as Solution Architect Manager.

More information on securiCAD VANGUARD can be found here:

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